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 I hope this may be of help booking any Discotheque or entertainment.

The Venue: When looking for a venue to hold your function, it is important to make sure it is suitable for the reception you are planning. Many venues look beautiful but have hidden drawbacks that could affect you and your guest's enjoyment on the day.

  • Agree in writing with the venue and Disco all timings.

  • Start and finish times.

  • Disco Music Start and finish times. (Is background required during the reception or PA for Speeches)

  • Bar opening & closing times.

  • How long staff will be on duty.

  • Any local by-laws that could affect your function.

  • Safety procedures.

  • Licenses for performance music. (Most private functions do not need a performance license, however a licensed venue should have one) A performance license is needed if the function is a commercial event where people pay to attend. 

  • Insurance. Both the venue and the entertainment should hold public liability insurance, this should be checked.

  • PAT (Portable Appliance Test) All entertainment should have their electrical equipment tested every year.   

Access/Parking: The most common problem is access to the premises. Many venues are not on the ground floor and only have stairs or small lifts to gain entry. Or on the ground floor but the function room is a long way from the entrance. This will cause problems for anyone who has to carry equipment, and could cause delays in setting up, or dismantling the equipment, especially if your guests are milling around the doors. Safe Parking for unloading and loading is of utmost importance, many DJ's have reported loss of gear recently.  

Please Note: Extra costs could be incurred should a venue be particularly awkward to get equipment in and out of. In these instances additional staff or time will be required to enable the disco to be set up and dismantled.    

Power: The larger the show the more power is required to run the equipment. If you have a Band, Disco & Caterers all wanting power, you could end up with a problem. Our Standard show will normally run from two 13amp sockets close to the area designated for the show. Larger shows may need a lot more power, some will need 3 phase power. The venue should be able to tell you when the sockets were last tested for a good earth. 

Performance area and Set up / Break down times: To be able to provide you with the best show that we can, it is very important that we know the size of area we have to work in. We will plan our show to suit. On average our Standard show needs an area of 16 ft by 7 ft, and a ceiling height of about 10ft. We can make it a lot smaller by using smaller equipment, or larger if the room needs it. If we are working with a band it would help to be able to speak with them prior to the event, we can then sort out the space we each need and playing times. As long as access is good we normally allow an hour and a half to set up and break down our standard show. We prefer to set up our equipment before the arrival of the guests if possible. If it is not, then arrangements will have to be made for un-obstructed access. For Setting up and Break Down of equipment our staff will be in casual clothing. For the show they will change to suitable dress.

Sound: As professional entertainers we will always try to keep the sound level acceptable to you and your guests. A good DJ uses sound level for effect, and will monitor the level to suit the mood of the music, or the venue at any given time. We will always respond to a client's request as to volume, and any other reasonable requests. NOTE, Sound Sensors / Volume Detectors: We do apologise that we my not be able to work in venues that are equipped with sound sensors, or any other device that cuts the mains power note of this should be made to the entertainer at the time of booking. We use computerised sound and lighting equipment that can be damaged if the power is lost while in use. It also takes some time to get this equipment working again after being shut down incorrectly.

Music choice: The guests at a wedding function are normally of a varying age, young and old with very different tastes in music. Spectra Discotheques carry a huge selection of music from the 1940's, through to the current chart hits. We play entirely for our audience and will do our best to play any request that will fit in with the function. This is your special day and a bride and groom will have access to my extensive music library where they can create their own playlist or chose requests for the night.

The First Dance: is very important for the Bride and Groom and will be expected by your guests. Choose a track that means a lot to the both of you, one that is well known, and easy to dance to, so that your guests can join you on the floor and fill the room with emotion. The timing of this will vary from function to function. In a lot of cases it might not even be the first dance on the night. For impact and best affect do this when all of your day and evening guests have arrived and settled down. Your DJ will talk this over with you before, and on the night to make sure that everything goes just right. 

Speeches, Presentations, Cabaret Spots. All DJ's will want your night to flow smoothly, and will be planning ahead so that your night finishes on a high. Lots of unscheduled stops will very often spoil the night. Make sure that your DJ knows of any surprises or stops during the night, he will build these into his show. If you are having a late buffet during the evening this is a good time to do things like presentations and speeches, as a lot of guests will not want to dance at this time. The DJ can announce what is going on and supply a microphone if necessary. After everyone has eaten and the special event has been completed the DJ will then use the mood to get people dancing again. The DJ may even ask the Bride and Groom onto the floor again to get people started.

By request Spectra can supply those special finishing touches, Star Cloth, Mood lighting, Colour schemes, special dance floors, and many special effects.  

Send mail to Spectra Disco  for booking Enquiries and Quotes.

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